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Hello, I'm Teacher Jess!

I am an experienced English Teacher that truly puts students' individual needs at the heart of my teaching. I am fluent in both English and Spanish, but I specialize in teaching English as a foreign language from beginner to advanced levels, using unique methods for any age. 

My Story

I am a native English speaker that has been teaching ESL (English as a second language) to hundreds of students for over 13 years. I have multiple teaching qualifications, including TEFL/TESOL certification. As a teacher, I have had the pleasure to work in numerous countries and institutions, teaching hundreds of people from all over over the world, of all ages and skill levels. This opportunity has given me vast experience and a unique perspective of how to teach English as a Second Language in a practical and enjoyable way while being adaptable to the needs of every individual learner.

I am passionate about providing my students with the best possible, professional English instruction while keeping lessons creative and lighthearted. I absolutely love what I do and that reflects in my courses and the interaction I have with my students. I strive to offer an authentic experience that will help you speak with confidence in no time.


Are you ready to leap into English with me? Let's go! 


                     "Teacher Jess"

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